A-Rod, J.Lo, and J-Rod are Fine


A story that’s been blowing up from the bowels of The National Enquirer: A-Rod has allegedly been sexting an ex-girlfriend behind J.Lo’s back, and TMZ reports that sext-ee Lauren Hunter is threatening to extort him for $600,000. Nothing, of course, is going to top the Anthony Weiner story; as far as I’m concerned, until a penis makes the headlines, it’s a non-starter.

Still, Lainey Gossip has published a handy chronicle of a long history of gossip about people cheating on J-Lo, like P-Diddy and Casper Smart, and the rumored time that Ben Affleck went to a strip club.

J.Lo stands by A-Rod, and at this writing, J-Rod survives.

Why tf is Courtney Love hating on Linda Sarsour? Yesterday she went ballistic on twitter, calling Sarsour “a vile disgrace to all womankind” for “collecting money for an incident that never occurred.”

@danielleiat, we also wonder. Two days prior, the alt-right site Daily Caller had run a post headlined “Linda Sarsour Has Raised $80K For Anti-Muslim Hate Crime That Allegedly Did Not Happen.”

The incident refers to Sarsour raising money for a Muslim Somali-American who was allegedly beaten in the face by a white man for protecting another Muslim woman. Police had found her bleeding from the mouth but haven’t yet found a suspect or determined it a hate crime.

Sarsour, a Palestinian Muslim-American who helped plan the Women’s March, is no stranger to taking crap on social media from right-wing sites which have previously accused her of ties to terrorists. She’s not giving it the time.

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