Demi Lovato Throws Mad Shade At Kathy Griffin Over Her ‘Victim’ Act! Or Does She..?


Looks like someone saw the pot hadn’t been stirred in a bit…

There are definitely two very different perspectives on this whole Kathy Griffin controversy. Personally, we think Donald Trump and his team are playing it THA PHUCK up for political reasons.

Does anyone really believe he’s so wounded by this? Or is it just better to be the victim right now than the man who sold the world by pulling the U.S. out of the Paris Climate Accord to try to wrangle "a better deal."

We CERTAINLY don’t buy the right wing push that she was "going after Barron" with the bloody effigy.

Then again, Kathy seems to be calling her plays from the same damn book — because now SHE’S playing up being a victim too, like she wasn’t asking for controversy with that pic!

Demi Lovato was apparently ready to call BS on that move, as she totes jumped into the fray, subtweeting Kathy in a couple tweets:

I find it funny when bullies play the victims. 🤔
— Demi Lovato (@ddlovato) June 2, 2017

Dang, gurl!

Of course, we have to be fair here. We (and many others) are def reading from the timing that she’s referring to Kathy, but she could just as easily be talking about Trump.

Talking about bullies playing victims! Just a few short months ago Trump was incessantly accusing the sitting President of defrauding the American people with a fake birth certificate.

Frankly, that smear campaign was WAY worse bullying as a chunk of Americans actually BELIEVED it. No one, and we mean NOT ONE PERSON ALIVE, actually thought the third billed star of Suddenly Susan had actually decapitated the Commander-In-Chief of the United States.

Then again, maybe she’s talking about EVERYONE involved. In which case, you ain’t wrong, gurl. There’s plenty of shade to go around.

To whom do YOU think Demi was referring??